Rethinking Texbooks with Open and Alternative Educational Resources

SESSION 1:   10:45 am – 11:45 am          Room 1.107

The New Zero-Cost Curated Course Pack: Interactive databases, videos and other library gems to enrich your teaching

Presenters:   Ellen Sexton, Robin Davis

Go beyond pricey textbooks and static PDFs with these interactive learning materials, available at zero cost to students and faculty through the library. Two John Jay librarians will take you on a hands-on tour of the library’s “hidden gems.” We will showcase three online resources that offer students new ways to engage with curricular materials, the library’s extensive streaming holdings, and finally we will lead a discussion on how the resources we covered can be used to promote student learning.


SESSION 2:   1:00 pm – 2:00 pm          Room 1.107

OERientation: Open Alternatives to Textbooks at John Jay

Presenters:   Anthony Carpi, Catherine Kemp, Raymond Patton, Ellen Sexton, Edward Snajdr

This panel will introduce John Jay faculty to Open Educational Resources (OER) and other alternative resources that can be used to supplement or replace textbooks in the college classroom. Participants will learn about the principles behind Open and Alternative Resources, their benefits for student learning, student success, course design and pedagogy, some of the challenges involved, how John Jay faculty members are already using alternative materials, and about initiatives and opportunities at John Jay in the coming year.


SESSION 3:   2:15 pm – 3:15 pm          Room 1.107

New York Slavery Records Index: A Resource for Classroom Instruction

Presenters:   Judy-Lynne Peters, Ned Benton

Panelists will present their database, New York Slavery Records Index, (general password “freedom”) and explain how the original slavery records can be integrated into teaching, with examples for policy analysis, literature, human services, political science and other disciplines.