Spring 2020 FAQs

Questions about Faculty Development Day?

Read on for some of our most frequently asked questions and our responses


What’s so exciting about FDD? Why should I participate?

Faculty Development Day happens only twice each year. FDD provides the primary time and space of the academic year for faculty to connect with each other, to explore teaching and learning across disciplines, and to discuss issues of college-wide concern together. Faculty who participate contribute to increased community and professionalism in addition to improving the overall excellence of our work with students and peers. Each person who attends brings something unique and important to our discussions and takes away unique and important resources shared throughout the day.

Do I have to register in order to attend? Where can I RSVP?

You do NOT have to register to attend. RSVPs help tremendously for planning purposes in terms of the number of classrooms and seats needed for sessions as well as for the amount of food we order and any special requests participants have for accommodation. Please help us plan effectively for the day by RSVPing at this link. If you are not able to register and want to attend, we will happily take your invitation at the onsite registration.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee food and drink will be available for those who have not RSVP’d. Our food orders are based on the RSVP numbers.

Do I have to attend the sessions for which I registered?

You are not restricted to the sessions you selected when you RSVP’d. If there are seats in the session classroom you’d most like to attend, please feel free to join that session. We will take attendance at each session for the presenters’ convenience and our own records.

What if I change my mind about my food preferences? 

If you change your mind about your food preferences before January 21, please contact the TLC to let us know. If you change your mind on the day, please respect the needs of those who made kosher, halal, vegan, and vegetarian choices. We order specifically for these selections, which are often priced higher than the regular, meat-included options. Let us know you’d like to make a change in person at the lunch location, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Where can I find the session information?

The session information can be found on our FDD website on the FDD Spring 2020 Program page under the FDD Spring 2020 tab. Click here for easy access. The program contains the session times, titles, presenter names, and abstracts.

Will the presenters make their session resources available after FDD?

Yes, after FDD most presenters will share electronic versions of their session resources with the TLC. These will be located on the FDD website under Past FDD Session Resources. Take a look at past sessions for helpful materials you may want to use.

What do I need to do to see the livestream sessions?

The livestream sessions will be available through Zoom. You can watch these with your computer, laptop, or smartphone. We will send instructions before the day with the link and how to access each session. No extra technology beyond the standard desktop, laptop, or smartphone should be needed.

Are John Jay staff welcome to attend?

This is a two-part answer. First, of course, we are happy to include John Jay staff in FDD. Second, the day has traditionally been focused on faculty as a community, and given the strong focus on teaching and learning as well as faculty-specific concerns, those staff who work directly with faculty development and/or teach part-time are most likely to benefit from the day. As a courtesy, please remember that breakfast and lunch are provided by Academic Affairs and that we are doing our best to comply with the budget limitations experienced by the whole college at this time.

Are outside of John Jay guests welcome to attend?

Outside of John Jay guests are welcome to attend if they are presenting information or special guests whose presence has been requested by the College. We respectfully ask that other guests wait for other opportunities to interact with our faculty and staff.

I want to make suggestions for improvement or give credit for excellent presentations: how can I make my voice heard?

Fantastic! Thank you. We will be sharing a feedback survey via email to attendees after FDD. If you’d like to be heard beforehand, please contact the TLC at the email and phone number provided below.


Have a question not covered above? Please contact the TLC at tlc@jjay.cuny.edu or 646-557-4660.